Contemporary Design meets Cultural History

After the exhibition in Vienna, Dornbirn and Graz, my design concept “eve” can now be seen in the WEI SRAUMforum in Tyrol.

This exhibition has a very interesting twist to it.

The curator wants to try to link contemporary design with local cultural history. The award-winning design products are exhibited next to historical objects from the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum, which allow associations in form, function or material and trace the origins of the design craft.

See for example the Vöslauer drinking cup collection and historical guild cup from 1811 . Or my concept “eve” compared with an historic water jug in its semantic gesture.

The exhibition will be opened by Dr. Thomas Kohlert, Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business and Dr. Karl C. Berger, director of the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum .

The exhibition will be open 24.09.2018 – 24.10.2018.

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Foto Credits:

Thomas Mühlberger

Rebecca Daum